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Can I have a wood burning stove in a new build?

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Can I have a wood burning stove in a new build?

In the realm of new builds, the absence of a traditional chimney doesn’t mean sacrificing the charm and warmth of a fireplace. Whether you prefer the crackling ambiance of wood, the convenience of gas, or the modern simplicity of electric, there are diverse options to suit your taste. Let’s explore the possibilities for each type.


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Wood Burning Stoves:
If your new build lacks a chimney, fear not—a pre-fabricated flue system like Stovax Professional XQ can be installed. This system functions akin to a conventional chimney, with the flexibility to run internally or externally. To maintain the aesthetics of a traditional chimney, consider concealing the flue pipe behind a faux chimney breast. In airtight new builds, an open air vent must be present, the size of which depends on the heat output of the wood-burning stove. Some stoves also offer an Outside Air Kit, eliminating the need for an open vent into the room.


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Gas Fireplaces:

Conventional Flue Gas Stove or Fire:
While a conventional flue gas fireplace typically requires a chimney, a pre-fabricated flue system can be installed, mirroring the setup for solid fuel stoves. Adequate air ventilation is essential, and guidance from a Gas Safe installer ensures proper execution.

Balanced Flue Gas Fires and Stoves:
Perfect for new builds, balanced flue gas fires operate without a chimney, sealed from the room for enhanced heating efficiency. These glass-fronted gas appliances vent through a twin-wall pipe directly to an outside wall, eliminating the need for additional ventilation.

Cavity Wall Gas Fire:
Utilize your new build’s cavity wall with a cavity wall gas fire. These fires, designed for installation in the internal leaf of a cavity wall, come with a rear exit balanced flue termination kit, ensuring a sealed, efficient system.


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Electric Fireplaces:
For the easiest installation, consider an electric log burner. Requiring only a plug point, these fireplaces are perfect for new builds. From wall-mounted electric fires to freestanding stoves, the options are diverse. Create a trendy media wall by integrating an electric fireplace with a TV and additional media devices for a sleek, clutter-free look.

Placement of electric fireplaces is flexible, with the option of installing them in the middle of a room for maximum efficiency. Many electric fireplaces offer alternative fuel effects, adding a contemporary touch to your new build.

Regardless of your new build’s design, there’s a fireplace option to match your preferences. From the classic warmth of wood to the convenience of gas and the modern simplicity of electric, bring comfort and style to your home with the perfect fireplace choice.

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