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Riva 2 55 Fireplace

Innovative Log Burner Ideas to Elevate Your Living Space

Log burners have long been favored for not only their heating capabilities but also for the aesthetic charm they introduce into our homes. In the realm of modern interior design, we’re witnessing a surge in unique and avant-garde log burner concepts that cater to the tastes of contemporary living spaces....

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Edge 54" Stone Fireplace

Wood Burning Stoves: Everything You Need to Know

The allure of a wood-burning stove extends beyond its practicality, sparking debates on property value, chimney requirements, environmental concerns, and the quest for the perfect model. Let’s explore the key facets of this timeless heating solution. Property Value and Appeal: Owning a wood-burning stove can enhance your property’s market value...

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Ecodesign: A New Era for Cleaner and Greener Stoves

Ecodesign, a comprehensive European initiative, aims to reduce emissions from various energy-consuming appliances, including stoves. Distinguishing itself from the existing EN13240 European standard, Ecodesign introduces stringent limits on diverse emissions. Notably, it mandates the first-time testing of NOx (nitrogen oxides), OGCs (organic gaseous compounds), and PM (particulate matter/dust emissions). This...

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Alexander 60" Stone Fireplace

Choosing the Right Stove: A Guide to Efficiency and Safety

Embracing the warmth and ambiance of a stove in your home is a contemporary and economical choice. With the ability to harness and direct heat efficiently, modern stoves offer a cleaner and safer alternative to traditional open fires. Whether fueled by wood, coal, or gas, a well-maintained and properly installed...

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Cara Insert Stove Fireplace

Can I have a wood burning stove in a new build?

In the realm of new builds, the absence of a traditional chimney doesn’t mean sacrificing the charm and warmth of a fireplace. Whether you prefer the crackling ambiance of wood, the convenience of gas, or the modern simplicity of electric, there are diverse options to suit your taste. Let’s explore...

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