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HD5 Black Insert Heat Design


Brand: Heat Design

The 5KW HD 5 Black Insert Stove can be simply installed into a standard solid fuel fireplace opening, and can greatly increase the efficiency of your fire. Open fires can be as low as 20% efficient, with the majority of the heat escaping up the chimney. The HD 5 Black Insert Stove has an efficiency rating of 83.8% making it an extremely efficient option. Ecodesign 2022 compliant
External air option
Reduce your carbon footprint
Fewer toxins discharged into the atmosphere
Reduces heat loss up the flue when unlit
Re-fuel less often
Full cast iron construction
Airwash technology to keep glass clean
Large ceramic glass door
Easy removal for flue cleaning
Fits into existing 16” standard fireplace opening
Less ash = less cleaning
Available in matt black

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