Building Energy Rating & Air Pressurisation Testing

Clifford's Fireplaces Limited are registered Building Energy Rating (BER) assessors for both new and existing dwellings with Sustainable Energy Ireland (S.E.I.). Together with this our BER assessors are qualified to carry out Air Pressurisation Testing which will identify areas of air leakage within a dwelling.

What is a BER?
A BER is similar to the energy label on your fridge with a scale of A – G. An A – Rated house is the most energy efficient and a G rated is the least efficient.

How is a BER carried out?
A BER is based on the characteristics of major components of the dwelling that is wall roof and floor dimensions, windows and door sizes and orientation as well as construction type and levels of insulation, ventilation and air tightness features, the systems for heat supply, distribution and control, and the type of lighting. It covers annual energy use for space heating, water heating, ventilation, lighting and associated pumps and fans, calculated on the basis of a notional family with standard pattern of occupancy.

What are the benefits of a BER?
A BER makes the energy performance of a home visible to prospective buyers and tenants and enables them to take energy performance into consideration in their next house purchase or rental.