Clifford's Fireplaces - We offer a wide range of quality accessories for your fireplace.

  • Thermolac Stove Spray Paint

    Stove spray paint, available in three colour choices:
    Metallic black
    Matt white
    Matt black
    Metallic blue
    Metallic brown
    Metallic green
    Matt ivory jet black metallic 400ml can.

  • Thermolac Riva Spray Paint

    Riva stove spray paint available in two colours choices:
    Midnight black
    Storm metallic

  • Stove Glass Cleaner Spray

    Cleans the stove glass 500ml

  • Chimney Creosote Protector

    Reduces the build-up of creosote in chimney's caused by burning wood. Reduces the risk of chimney fires. 1kg tub.

  • Fire Cement

    Fire resistant up to 1250 degrees C. 500g tub.

  • Smoke Pellets

    10 pellets per box

  • Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

    Protection for your hands when operating your stove.

  • Rope Seal Packs

    Rope seal for stove doors. Available in white or black in lengths to suit most sizes of stove. Rope seal available on its own or in a pack including seal adhesive.

  • Replacement Stove Glass

    Sizes available for most stove brands and models 4mm ceramic glass panels.

  • Gas Ceramics

    Coals, logs and pebbles are available for most fire types.

  • Cromwell Cast Iron Basket

    Available in polished or black finish
    Heights: 185mm 182mm 140mm 7.3" 7.2" 5.5"
    Widths: 457mm 533mm 420mm 18" 21" 16.5"
    Depths: 280mm 280mm 270mm 11" 11" 10.6"

  • Spanish Cast Iron Basket

    Heights: 210mm 215mm 215mm 8.3" 8.5" 8.5"
    Widths: 420mm 460mm 540mm 16.5" 18.1" 21.3"
    Depths: 312mm 320mm 320mm 12.3" 12.6" 12.6"

  • Swans Nest Cast Iron Basket

    Heights: 215mm 210mm 220mm 220mm 225mm 8.5" 8.3" 8.7" 8.7" 8.9"
    Widths: 475mm 530mm 625mm 760mm 905mm 18.7" 20.9" 24.6" 29.9" 35.6"
    Depths: 327mm 320mm 315mm 380mm 415mm 12.9" 12.6" 12.4" 15" 16.3"

  • Luna Cast Iron Grate

    Height: 420mm 16.5", Width: 410mm 16.1", Depth: 280mm 11"

  • Seville Cast Iron Grate

    Available in polished or black finish
    Heights: 370mm 355mm 400mm 14.6" 14" 15.7"
    Widths: 406mm 460mm 560mm 16" 18.1" 22"
    Depths: 270mm 270mm 285mm 10.6" 10.62 11.2"

  • Classic Cast Iron Grate

    Available in polished finish
    Heights: 390mm 390mm 15.4" 15.4"
    Widths: 380mm 460mm 15" 18.1" Depths: 285mm 280mm 11.2" 11"

  • Log Basket Cast Iron Basket

    Heights: 178mm 178mm 178mm 178mm 7" 7" 7" 7"
    Widths: 457mm 610mm 685mm 760mm 18" 24" 27" 30"
    Depths: 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm 13.8" 13.8" 13.8" 13.8"

  • Classic (No Back) Cast Iron Basket

    Available in polished or black finish
    Heights: 210mm 390mm 8.3" 15.4"
    Widths: 380mm 460mm 15" 18.1"
    Depths: 300mm 280mm 11.8" 11"

  • Classic (With Back) Cast Iron Grate

    Available in black finish
    Heights: 390mm 390mm 15.4" 15.4"
    Widths: 380mm 460mm 15" 18.1"
    Depths: 285mm 280mm 11.2" 11"

  • 115 SK

    Silver and Black
    Height: 760mm 30"

  • 640 BK

    All Black
    Height: 635mm 25"

  • 643 BK

    All Black
    Height: 760mm 30"

  • K066 SB

    Silver and Black
    Height: 660mm 26"

  • 601 BK

    All Black
    Height: 610mm 24"

  • 683 BK

    All Black
    Height: 610mm 24", Width: 530mm 21", Depth: 160mm 6.3"

  • 687 BK

    All Black
    Height: 710mm 28", Width: 530mm 21", Depth: 160mm 6.3"

  • NG1 BK

    All Black
    Height: 760mm 30", Width: 900mm to 1675mm 36" to 66" extendable, Depth: 450mm 18"

  • Skamolex

    Customised lining solutions for stoves, fireplaces & gas fires for temperatures up to 1100C (2012F)

    Skamolex panels are a new concept for lining fire openings for stoves, fireplaces and gas fires. They are a range of highly insulated refractory panels made of Vermiculite containing no ceramic fibres. Skamolex vermiculite panels are ideally suited for lining or as heat protection shielding.

    • Max service temperature: 1100C
    • Density: 700kg/m2
    • Dimension L by W: 1000mm by 610 mm
    • Thickness: 20 and 25mm portrait or landscape
    • Compressive Strength: 4.5MPa (653lbs/

  • Vermiculite

    Exfoliated Vermiculite is an inorganic, golden brown, ultra-lightweight aggregate ranging in particle size from 50 microns up to 30mm granules. The physical structure of the exfoliated granules is like a concertina, with a very high surface area and inter-laminar air spaces which give it excellent thermal insulation properties over an extremely wide range of temperatures up to 1260C and also with excellent absorption properties it can be used in granular or free-flowing mixtures to carry high weight percentages of active chemicals and it is an ideal carrier or low cost filler for many compound formulations.

  • Perlite

    Expanded Perlite is a white, ultra-lightweight aggregate ranging from a very fine powder to an aggregate with a particle size up to 6mm in size. It is inorganic, inert, netral in pH, biologically stable and has no asbestos content. It has excellent thermal insulation properties over an extremely wide temperature range from cryogenics at minus 237C ( absolute zero) up to refractory applications at over 1000C. It also has a highly absorbent surface and a very low bulk density which makes it an ideal carrier or low cost filler for many compound formulations.

  • Chimney Rods

    UNI Rods
    UNI rods need adaptor 4034 and must always be rotated clockwise to avoid disconnection. Length: 915mm. product number: 4036

    Lockfast Rods
    Lockfast rods need adaptor 4035 and can be rotated in either direction. Length: 915mm.

  • Stove & Chimney Brushes

    50mm (2") - product code:4041

  • Chimney Baloon

    Plugging your chimney with a Chimney Balloon has an immediate effect! For a small investment youll have made your home a lot warmer and quieter in just a couple of minutes.

    The Chimney Balloon with its patented design is specially engineered to do the job perfectly. They restrict the flue, yet allow a small amount of ventilation. It is made from a specially designed 3 ply membrane which is resistant to abrasion and the hostile acidic environment of a chimney flue. The chimney balloon will remain inflated and firmly in place for many years, if you want to use your fireplace, its easy to deflate and can be used again and again.

    With natural gas and heating fuel prices rising each year, it is essential to retain as much heat as possible in your home. Householders spend millions of Euros every year insulating homes, replacing doors and windows, and draught proofing. However the easiest way to save energy is to close off the draughts and heat loss from your chimney flue. A chimney balloon is a cost-effective way to prevent warm air escaping up your chimney as well as the cold air coming down into your home.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector

    The stovax carbon monoxide detector uses the very latest in electrochemical cell technology to ensure that you get complete accuracy and reliability when protecting your family and home. The detector is designed to be easy to fit and maintain. The battery is supplied pre-fitted and guaranteed for 6 years and there is no need to replace any parts.

  • Ashclean

    Locking band for ashclean. Filter for ashclean. Rubber band for ashclean* not suitable for bagless vacuum cleaners

  • AC 100 - Ash Bucket

    Color Label
    Height: 355mm 14", Diameter: 300mm 12"

  • Log Holder

    W: 300mm - H: 1000mm - D: 300mm

    W: 300mm - H: 750mm - D: 300mm

    W: 300mm - H: 300mm - D: 300mm

  • 853 BK

    Wicker and Black
    24" H Log Holder
    Height: 610mm 24"

  • B04 BK - Briquette Bin

    All Black
    Height: 355mm 14", Width: 250mm 10", Depth: 200mm 8"

  • 699 BK

    All Black
    Height: 530mm 21"

  • 713 SK - Solid One Piece Fender

    Silver and Black
    Width: 1370mm 54", Depth: 450mm 18"

  • 2003 2 SK - Adjustable Fender

    Silver and Black
    Widths: 1220mm 1625mm 48" 64"
    Depths: 450mm 450mm 18" 18"

All measurements given are approximate.